Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer®, has unique proprietary methods, tested over the last 18 years, for restoring functionality to trees that are stressed or sick.

If you are curious about the results of his work, you should go to his website to learn more.

Generally speaking, Dr. Jim uses out-of-the-box bioenergy and intuitive methods to "climb inside of the tree's world." He finds out what's not operating correctly inside of their life processes, and then repairs or HEALS those life processes through consciousness.

No products. No invasive techniques. No chemicals. It's beyond organics because it's done through the LIFE FORCE and consciousness of Nature.

Again, if you want to know more, please go to his site by clicking on the image above.

What is "Distance" healing?

It's a bit of a philosophical discussion, but simply put "Everything is connected to everything."

In other words, because all life operates in a web of of interconnection physically, and because all consciousness is connected and interconnected in dimensional realms, then the intention, intuition, and consciousness that Dr. Jim uses to connect to your tree's consciousness is real. (The "new sciences" of Quantum and Zero-Point Physics are relevant to this.)

So Dr. Jim's consciousness and intuition can very effectively communicate with and heal your tree through the consciousness of your tree at a distance.

Human healers do this all the time quite effectively.

If you are interested in a distance healing for your tree....

We strongly recommend that you contact Dr. Jim first by email.

DON'T make any donation until you have done these steps:

  1. Take 1-2 pictures of your tree: one of the full tree at the best angle and a close up if there is a spot or something
  2. Attach them to an email to Whisperer (at) TheTreeWhisperer (dot) com
  3. In the email, explain what your concern is and anything you know about the tree.
  4. TITLE the email this way: "MY TREE IN__________" and write where the tree is located.
  5. Allow a day or 2 for Dr. Jim to respond because sometimes we are traveling.

He will reply to your email.

The two of you can discuss anything necessary. He'll tell you if he thinks he can help it.

He may ask you to be an active participant in this process by doing various things.

  • He may ask you to visit the tree regularly to check on its progress.
  • He may ask you to provide Healing Whispers® to the tree which are available for free at _________________ (TBD) .
  • Or, he may ask you to do something that the tree needs. The tree will tell him.

He will probably go ahead and do the distance treatment. He'll send you a short summary of what happened.

It's possible that the tree will need more treatments as the season continues. That is on a case-by-case basis.

Then, and only then, when you are happy.... you can return to this page and make a donation by clicking on this link:  

This is the Donation Button.... which you can pay with either a credit card or with Paypal.

Thank you for your open-mindedness and your love of your trees.