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Purpose first
for Dr. Jim and Basia...

The PlantKingdomCommunications.com STORE is an outgrowth of the work we--Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander--have done since 2002.
• Co-Founded BioBalia Institute: BioBalia Institute is committed to empowering the emergence of the condition of BioBalia in ecosystems. Find out more here.
• We've written 7 books....one of which is in its 3rd reprint.
• Traveled the length and breadth of the USA doing philanthropy but had to postpone travel plans in 2020.
• Known triumph after teaching yearly workshops at the Omega Institute since 2005. See the image...
• Felt disappointment when our purpose was misunderstood.

What's our purpose?
To heal ecological damage and upgrade human thinking.

It's a calling we feel to serve our fellow humans AND to serve all living beings on the planet... so that people and Nature together might co-create a livable planet.

So this STORE is a way to spread our message, to show the probability that humanity can triumph even in these tumultuous times.

How? by...
• partnering with Nature
• protecting Trees
• learning the secrets of healing trees and plants
• and whispering healing messages to the intelligent forces of climate and the beings of Nature

So, welcome to our STORE. We hope you find something wonderful here for yourself or someone dear.

Scroll down to read our open letter to you!

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Why do we call it Plant Kingdom Communications?

(1) The trees are waiting for you to communicate with them.
(2) Nature operates best in collaboration.
(3) People and Nature together can co-create a livable planet!

Basia Alexander and Jim Conroy, PhD  —  Co-Founders of PlantKingdomCommunications.com and the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance.

An open Letter to you.
What's tying it all together?

Dear Reader,
Our 4 sister websites are:
• PartnerWithNature.org
• ClimateWhispering.org
• TreeProtector.org
• TheTreeWhisperER.com

Notice a theme in those names? They are all about communicating with the Plant Kingdom as well as the other kingdoms of life on earth.

So, Dr. Jim and I chose the name Plant Kingdom Communications for our publishing company and for our store. You are at our store right now.

But, you may ask, "how do I communicate with something that doesn't have a mouth to talk or a language?" In other words, how do I talk WITH a tree or plant?
• By listening with your heart.
• By speaking in your mind.
• By trusting that you can overcome cultural limitations and believe that the messages you receive are real.
Yes, every kingdom of life on earth--plant, animal, reptile, mineral, fungi, and the planet Herself--is ALIVE and has consciousness. When there is some form of consciousness, communication is possible. We humans just have to get past our modern cultural training that says it's not. We have to cultivate our divinely gifted communication skills just as ancient and indigenous peoples have always done.

All of our websites, including everything here at the store, are aimed at helping you
• communicate with Nature beings and come from their point of view,
• collaborate with Nature's great intelligence as a respectful equal for mutual healing,
• and co-create a livable planet together in  shared cooperation with all of the living beings of Nature, including other people.

Both Dr. Jim and I are passionate about bringing forth everything that will help you to
• partner with Nature
• protect trees
• learn the secrets of healing trees and plants
• and whisper healing message to the intelligent forces of climate and the beings of Nature.

Thanks so much for joining us here at PlantKingdomCommunications.com.

With deep respect,
Basia Alexander and Jim Conroy

Our Story: Jim, Basia, our business, and our calling....

by Basia Alexander

We’re tree lovers, first and foremost.   Dr. Jim loves to put his hands on trees to feel their life force and to have healing conversations with them.  I love to hear the stories that they have to tell about their lives.  

We both love this beautiful but beleaguered planet.  It’s the only one humanity has.  Together, Jim and I believe we can heal ecological damage and upgrade people’s thinking about their power to co-create a livable planet in partnership with Nature.

That's why we created our main website: PartnerWithNature.org. PartnerWithNature.org has all of the information and inspiration you need to move ideas into action so that we can all have a livable planet.

Sure, doing the practical things such as reducing carbon emissions and carbon footprints is necessary, but it's only half of what needs to be done. The other half is HEALING ECOLOGICAL DAMAGE AND UPGRADING HUMAN THINKING.

Developing Methodologies and Having Successes since 2002

Since the beginning, Jim and I have been developing one methodology after another:  Tree Whispering®, Green Centrics®, Cooperative BioBalance®, EcoPeace Treaties®, CoExistence Technologies®, Dimensional Lightwork™, Empower Nature™.  Each builds on the processes and the successes of the other.  These methods that we teach to students as well as our direct healing work with Nature have the potential to heal ecological damage not only in backyards, but also in bio-regions and even globally.  

What are our successes?

  • Yearly live workshops and classes, and now virtual workshops
  • Clients all over the USA and even a few in Europe and Australia
  • Positive results in many different research projects
  • Hundreds of talks given
  • Thousands of Healing Whispers and Climate Whispers done globally.
  • Countless trees and ecosystems saved in people's backyards as well as in news-making fires and other climate disasters.

How did we get where we are?

Jim Conroy, PhD

Jim got his undergraduate degree in Horticulture from a great little ag-school in Pennsylvania: Delaware Valley College—it’s become a university now. His main professor helped him get into Purdue where he got his PhD.  At the time, businesses weren’t hiring PhD Plant Pathologists…but a big agricultural company did hire Jim--he was very proactive!  

Eventually he transitioned over to a larger Fortune 100 agricultural chemical company where he eventually moved to the product management side.  By combining his scientific knowledge with a flair for marketing, he brought a suite of products from the R&D stage all the way to a billion dollars in sales.  

That was a career success but he was disillusioned.  The product-approach really wasn’t helping the crops become healthier on the INSIDE.  

He knew that the chemicals were only masking the plants’ and trees’ real inner functional deficiencies.  In other words, they weren’t as healthy as they could have been.  Jim knew that there had to be a way to help crops, plants, and trees become healthy FROM THE INSIDE OUT without putting any kind of products on them or doing anything invasive.  But Jim was stumped.  He just couldn’t make the breakthrough.  When his big company got bought out and the new company wanted him to work on genetically modified crops, he said “NO!  ENOUGH!”  

Now, a few words about me, Basia Alexander

I’ve always had a green thumb.  I love container gardening, too—always have had big houseplants inside and potted veggies outside.  In fact, I grew a Norfolk Island Pine (they’re like indoor Christmas trees) in an atrium to 15 feet tall and 30+ years old.  

I got my BA in Communications from a wonderful little liberal arts collage in Wisconsin: Beloit College.  We were all hippies then and we re-lived it at the recent reunion.  I

With my degree in Communications, I initially worked in journalism since women were being accepted into the media in droves at the time.  The pressure of the deadlines was not for me but I am at heart a communicator.  So everything I have ever done is about communicating as you will see.  My REAL education came from life and nothing we do is ever wasted.  

I got a job as a flight attendant for TWA and lived in and around New York City.  I did that until a big investor bought TWA and drive it into bankruptcy.  That was really sad.  But, I capitalized on my organizational skills and became one of the first professional organizers in the country.

My First Macintosh Computer

One of the key moments in my life was when a dear girl-friend bought the very first-ever Macintosh computer in 1984 and gave me a lesson.  I was hooked. I bought my own.  For me, it was about the creativity of the graphics and being able to write!  Yes, write everything: journals, promotional materials for my organizing business, and write materials for a new passion: teaching self-help courses in both spiritual manifestation and in the art and science of creativity.  

Eventually, I found my way to New Jersey and to an Apple Computer dealership…this was before Apple stores. I wrote all of the training materials and started teaching Intro to Mac, desktop publishing, and illustration programs.   Teaching clearly was becoming another main theme in my life.  

Pilgrimages to Smell Roses

When Jim was still serving time in his cushy corporate cage in the late ’90’s, we would make yearly pilgrimages to the UK—to RHS Garden Wisley, Woking, England, and to David Austin English Roses, Albrighton, England,  to smell the roses.  We were passionate rose growers and there are no roses more beautiful or more fragrant than the Austin English roses.  In fact, we loved roses so much that we started a catalog business called “Everything Roses.”

In September of 2001, life changed for everyone when the planes hit the World Trade center and near the Pentagon.

Life changed for us, too.  Jim left the corporation. I closed the catalog business when I became intrigued with the idea of energy-medicine healing and attended an introduction by the founder of The Bodytalk System.  I took Jim to the founder’s next talk in early 2002.  

We did the Bodytalk training.  Jim finally acknowledged that he had a gift of communicating with the deep intelligence of plants.  (I always knew that I could.)

Ah-ha!  There was the breakthrough in thinking that Jim was looking for!!   He saw a way to help plants become healthy on the inside without the need for chemicals on the outside and without anything intrusive.  In 2002, he started communicating with the intelligence of the roses in the backyard, started experimenting with healing their bioenergy fields.  He developed his own energy-medicine processes for the Plant Kingdom.  I became a Bodytalk practitioner.  I worked with clients for a while until we created our own business in 2004: Plant Health Alternatives, LLC.  Jim started doing his unique plant-healing work for private homeowners and at an organic farm.  We called it PlantTalk™ System at the time.  

The Grumpy Sycamore

This is a photo of Jim’s thumb and one of the earliest trees that Jim worked on.  He calls it the “Grumpy Sycamore.” This tree lives in a park in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Jim went there in early 2003.   He put his hands on the tree as he usually does and asked for permission. He felt a presence, but nothing else was happening.  

Finally, he felt the tree seem to look down at him and say “Can I help you?”

Jim responded:  “I am developing a energy-healing system for trees.  Can I have your permission to interact with you?

There was silence for a long time.  Finally, he felt and heard the tree say: “Well, okay.”  

Jim did his healing work to improve the tree’s inner circulation and increase photosynthesis.  

He thanked the tree but heard nothing.  He told the tree he would be back but didn’t say when.

It was about 3 weeks later that Jim went back.  He approached the tree, put his hands on it… and immediately felt the tree look down and say: “Where ya been?”  

Plant Health Alternatives, LLC and The Tree Whisperer® Arises

In March of 2004, we created our business: Plant Health Alternatives, LLC. We were already showing our results at trade shows and meetings. Jim started to give talks... and we taught classes and workshops together.

Then In 2008, Jim became THE TREE WHISPERER® because his clients were calling him that already.  

As the years continued, we did a lot of garden and trade shows.  

2005, on Faculty for our first Omega Institute Workshop

We were fortunate to be asked in 2005 to teach at the Omega Institute.  We’ve been teaching there yearly ever since… except for now in 2020 with COVID shutting down a lot of businesses.   We have also produced our own classes and workshop. We are now starting to teach webinars and to offer free introductory videos.  All of those are available here at our store, PlantKingdomCommunications.com.

Dr. Jim's and my research projects

Since we began in 2003, we've conducted a lot of research studies.

Please use this link to go to a summary of the key studies, located at our sister website: PartnerWithNature.org.

It’s been quite a ride.  What started as a nice idea that fulfilled Dr. Jim’s desire to find a way to help crops be healthier has turned into a set of processes that can help people help Nature.  

We offer lots and lots of informative materials at our 4 sister websites