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Do you want us to speak or consult?

Get practical perspectives with a holistic -- and leading edge -- approach.

We give talks on various tree and forest-related topics and introductions to Tree Whispering®, Moving Toward a Livable Planet by Healing Trees from the Inside-Out, Connection Experiences with Trees and Nature, and The Tree Whisperer’s 10 Tree and Plant Insights.  

What is your organization’s unique situation regarding trees, forests, and environmental conditions?  We can address it and we can help.  

Or, perhaps your group is considering a climate-related initiative?  We can provide an out-of-the-box perspective just for you. 

Maybe your school wants students to be exposed to leading edge thought not available anywhere else? 

We can do it on Zoom (or similar online) or (when the times are better) give live presentations.  

Who are we?

Jim Conroy, PhD., and Ms. Basia Alexander are co-founders of BioBalia Institute, authors of 7 books, and co-creators of the Tree Whispering®, Green Centrics®, and EcoPeace Treaties® systems for tree, plant, and ecosystem bioenergy healing.   Our mission is to heal ecological damage and upshift human thinking.  We are world travelers and passionate rose lovers.  

Dr. Conroy received his PhD. in Plant Pathology from Purdue University, left a successful career in the ag-chem industry after an epiphany to become The Tree Whisperer®.  “Dr. Jim” is an impassioned speaker and ingenious visionary for collaboration with Nature, including with invasive organisms.

Ms. Alexander’s passion is showing people how to PartnerWithNature.  She synthesizes new systems that catalyze transformation in human consciousness.  She writes and speaks about conscious co-creativity, practical spirituality, connection with trees, and her original insights into the elemental world’s structure. 

We have 15 years of experience speaking and teaching thousands of people about our unique approach to HEALING trees, ecosystems, forests, and fire-areas.  Hundreds of graduates; a handful of apprentices. 

We have also spoken or taught for:  

  • Ubiquity University’s Humanity Rising initiative
  • The Omega Institute yearly workshops since 2005
  • Northeast Organic Farmer’s Association
  • Consulting Arborists 
  • The Nature Lyceum, monthly 2009 ’til  2012 
  • Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm, yearly since 2004
  • Sierra Club
  • Horticultural Therapists
  • and hundreds of other local and regional talks over the years.

Sure, we’re practical.  But it’s not your daddy’s “tree care” tips and tricks.   

We can go deep into unconventional ideas.  

This is out-of-the-box thinking that’s based on new sciences

For your organization or company: 

  • What’s innovative about Dr. Jim Conroy’s HEALING METHODS for trees and ecosystems?  He used his PhD in Plant Pathology as a jumping off place to develop multiple healing systems for the plant kingdom and he can use them to improve your land. 
  • He has 15 years of results we can show on individual trees, estates, large acreages, conservations areas, parks, and even mountain-sides. 

In talks, gain insight into How trees really operate on the inside and what I do.  (Click that to hear a good short intro right now.)

And most importantly, you’ll have an EXPERIENCE of CONNECTION with trees.  

Basia Alexander can lead a guided connection experience.  It’ll be a mindful and deeply touching one-to-one contact with a tree or plant as well as a hint about inter-species communication.  People talk with animals. Why not with trees?  It’s amazing what you can hear, see, or feel.  

Dr. Jim can heal your stressed trees, land, or forest; can heal ecological damage. 

We can tailor our talk for you and your group.  

Let’s have an initial chat and find out what you need, and how you need to be empowered … so you can empower your group as well as Nature on this fragile planet.  

If you send us the contact message from this page, we can send you a Zoom link… or chat by email… or send us your phone number and we’ll call you. 


Plant Kingdom Communications
P.O. Box 90
Morris Plains, New Jersey, 07950
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