Credit Cards

What shows on your statement?

When you use a credit card through PayPal, your charge on your statement will read "Plant Health Alternatives, LLC". That's the official name of our company.

How do I use PayPal with a credit card?

When you click through with your purchase, you'll see a PayPal window. There, you will be able to chose whether you want to use any PayPal Account that you might have... OR you can look down a little bit and see that PayPal gives you the chance to check out with a credit card, without having to have an account with them.


When will my order ship?

Within 1-3 days of the receipt of your order. We are a small company and do all the shipping ourselves.

How can I check the status of my order?

International Orders:

Since we ship via 1st class, it can take 10 days or more for your items to arrive. Also, there have been snags with the post offices quarantining packages during the COVID times.


How much is shipping?

We ship either flat rate or 1st class. We try to give you the most economical way.

What if I encounter errors during check out?

Is this site secure?

Yes. Absolutely. We use Webflow Ecommerce Hosting and PayPal.

Other Questions

Do you have gift certificates?

Sure. Please email us at and ask...

What's your privacy policy?

We don't share your information with anyone. Period.

What is your return policy?

If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money and/or do our best to make it right.