Thank you for considering donating to our tree-healing work. We make regular trips from New Jersey to places all over the USA, and will be going international as soon as we can. Every penny of your donation will go toward travel expenses for whatever trips we will do next. If you click to add your name to our mailing list, you'll get emails about those trips and the tree/forest healing work that we've done.

Please read on for more information about the scope of our work...

Dr. Jim Conroy routinely works with clients who have trees, forests, or properties that need to be brought into better health and dynamic balance.

But trees everywhere are stressed from increasing climate extremes and are often sick. So, he has done his work to save trees and forests by philanthropic donation all over the USA... usually in national, state, regional, or local parks. The work is done through bioenergy interface and in consciousness--no products or invasive techniques are ever used.

The scope of the work can be summed up this way: Heal Ecological Damage. Save Trees. Bring Forth a Livable Planet.

While it's important for governments, companies, and individuals to do the practical things: reduce carbon footprints, recycle, etc. It's not enough.

Trees are already sick. Forests are already in decline. When a tree or forest is already in a downward spiral, not growing much, not connected to its fellow trees, no amount of fertilizer will help. And you can't fertilize a whole forest.

Please go to Dr. Jim's website to get more detail about his innovative, ahead-of-its time mission to save trees by healing trees.